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“Your services are distinguished from similar services because you are knowledgeable about my industry and about resumes. Thanks!”--resume client


Career Match is located near the Denver Tech Center in Centennial, Colorado. Career Match is a one-on-one career counseling service for people who are exploring career options. We review results from your career assessments during our appointment and discuss the possibilities and careful application of the findings.

We can also help you help you conduct a thorough and successful self-directed job search. Career Match is a resume service. Career Match is managed and operated by Jane Grogan, MS. Career Match is the best service in Denver because it is the only company that provides collaborative, individualized service. This means that we work together for the entire appointment. As I wordsmith your resume on my laptop computer, I will ask you questions about your work experiences and activities. I will highlight those that you are proudest of accomplishing.

Career Match began in 1998. The name originated from the idea that I believe in helping people find a career that matches their current goals. Combined, the words make a CAREER MATCH for you. I strive to help people find their most enjoyable career.



Jane is a graduate from the University of Denver and the University of Colorado. Her first career was in corporate environmental compliance and technical program and project management. She also wrote proposals and prepared and presented a variety of training programs. In 1996, after 17 years in corporate America, she felt a need to explore new avenues to express her talents and skills. She wrote, read, and conducted occupational research to determine her niche in the world of work. She found her mission in helping others promote themselves, enhance their careers, and express their unexpressed interests and values.

To support my career, I have completed a graduate level course in Career Development at CU-Denver plus completed over 250 classroom hours of specialized training in career counseling and psychology.

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“ I was very satisfied. You were very concerned about helping me. I found you very pleasant and professional. I’m very satisfied, outstanding job! Thank you.”--resume client



Please review this quiz to determine where your career satisfaction currently stands. Come back again to take the quiz again later as it changes over time. No matter what stage you are in, remember you can manage that stage to gain the most for your growth.

Quiz: Are You Satisfied In Your Career?

(Choose the one statement below that applies to you in your current job/career)

1. I feel like I am dying in my job. 
2. I feel depressed/sad about my job. 
3. I am ambivalent about my job. 
4. I like my work on some days. 
5. I enjoy my work about half the time. 
6. I sometimes check the want ads because I may want to change jobs someday. 
7. I feel that I contribute at work and am moderately rewarded. 
8. I feel happy about my job. 
9. I enjoy my work nearly all of the time. 
10. I am exuberant about going into work!

Click here to gain inspiration and here to educate yourself about career change process. Call Jane Grogan, MS at 303-721-1906 or e-mail for more help on improving your career situation or maintaining it.



Top Career Web Sites

Networking Sites: 

1 www.monster.com 
2 www.nationjob.com 
3 www.careerbuilder.com 
4 www.hotjobs.com 
5 www.headhunter.net 
6 www.computerjobs.com

Interviewing Site: 

Salary Site: 

Overview US Job Market:  

Site For Information On 14,000 Companies:  

Unusual Job Site: 

Best General Career Sites:  

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