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I collaborate with you to design a remarkable resume. Your resume enhances and promotes your unique experience, personality, and skills in a way that is appealing to employers. Customized to meet your new goals, it will stand out from other resumes.

“Jane has a great personality and didn’t charge for copies. She worked around my schedule and by telephone. My expectations were definitely met because I got the job! I loved working with Jane; she is awesome!!!!”  --A long distance resume client


Personality Assessments 
I use the John Holland Hexagon and estimate your Myers Briggs Type Indicator ( and These tools help you establish guideposts to assist you in your next career choice or to sharpen your focus in your current career.

Values Clarification
Values are also important in determining your most satisfying career path. We will examine your work values to find what motivates and inspires you.

 “I enjoyed visiting with you last week. I went away with a number of new ideas, and also learned more about what I do and do not want to do in my next career endeavor!”--comment regarding a career counseling session with Jane

Passionate Fields/Favorite Skills 
Your skills and areas of interest are also important to discuss together, mostly so you can have an ally and a sounding board for your ideas, desires, and passions. In order to narrow down your career choices, you will select skills you enjoy from a list of typical work skills. Then, based upon the things you treasure, you will also determine your most fascinating fields so you can live a life you enjoy. 

Which brings us to the next step of career choice, occupational research. Pursuing interviews with several people in your potential career will help you see if you would actually like the industry and job title you have selected so far. 

Not up to making the appointments? Let me assist you in arranging for informational interviews in your new field and help you prepare the questions you will need to ask.



What is the biggest barrier to working where you want? For most people it is fear. Change, whether self imposed or not, can create fear. Fear can generate roadblocks to seeing your options and moving ahead with confidence. We will discuss solutions to your fears so that you can alleviate or lessen your anxiety. Some fears you may experience are the thoughts of those close to you who may judge you for your new career ideas. Other fears may include loss of your financial security. We will address all these fears.

Education about the career change process can also help you deal with your fears. Note how the career change and planning process works in the following diagram.

Career and Life Development Process

Reevaluate your plans periodically by returning to previous level. Start with the top and work your way down. The first level is the foundation for all the rest.

Level 1

Self Discovery

Financial Worries Career Assessment Skills & Achievements Values Clarification Areas/Fields of Interest Personality
Fear of Change

     Level 2

Occupational Research

Reality Testing  Research & Interviewing Educational Needs Job Shadowing Hands-on Experience Market Trends


      Level 3

    Decision Making

Resolve Fears Career 
Personal Goals Integrity


Level 4
Employer Contacts
Job Search Resumes & Cover Letters Interviews


Level 5


Salary Negotiations



Level 6

Career/Life Development

“Thanks for the prompt job!”--from an executive working in person and long distance on a resume



Do you know how to get a job in this millennium? Do you think you will find your next job on the Internet? Discover the best job search strategy for your career choice. Plan a balanced approach to conducting your job search. Find out how to stay organized and focused to help ensure you reach your ultimate job successfully.

Resume client: "Thank you for the fine piece of work that you did on my resume. I got the job!"



Are you prepared to interview? What if your interview is with human resources and what if it is a panel interview. Have you prepared for a behavioral based interview? Achieve your peak performance by working with me. I will role-play an interview with you and help you customize your interview questions to uncover what you need to know about your future employer. Learn skills you can use for a lifetime!!

A career-counseling client said: "Great job -- I enjoyed it a lot -- made me feel that I can be optimistic about finding my niche!"



Letters of introduction…., unsolicited letters…., cover letters…., and thank you letters. These are the written communication tools that a productive job search is made of. Clients often ask me whether they really need a cover letter? My response? Do you really want the job? Of course, it is essential to introduce yourself and explain your contribution to each organization in your customized letters. Let us work together to craft your best cover letter template for your career and outline a top notch thank you letter that you can easily customize after each interview.

A satisfied resume client said: "You're worth every penny!"



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