Corporate Outplacement

What is Career Match?

An affordable outplacement service owned and operated by Jane Grogan, M.S. 

How is Career Match, Inc. convenient?

All services are provided on-the-spot, no waiting for results or for word-processing lag time to get the final product! 

What is special about Jane Grogan's qualifications?

1- She has been through various kinds of job transitions. 

2- She has excellent counseling skills and career counseling training. 

3- Her unique career counseling technique helps clients identify a new career path in ONLY 2 hours time! 

4- She has 12 years of experience working in corporate America, so she understands your employees. 

5- She has diverse career counseling experience. 
(CEO's, attorneys, medical professionals, information technology professionals, telecommunications professionals, insurance professionals, engineers, sales, marketing, and blue-collar workers.) 

Why use Career Match, Inc. ?

Benefits of Using Career Match, Inc. For Outplacement Services and Organizational Development Include:

1- Career Match, Inc. will save you money. 

2- Human Resources will deal with one person. 

3- Your terminated employees will work with someone who has been through career transition and who has worked in corporate America. 

4- Your active employees may become more productive because they are taught to manage and take responsibility for their own careers.

Seriously consider hiring Career Match, Inc. as your ongoing outplacement service provider because of the convenience to you and your employees!!!

“There was nothing Jane could have done to serve us better, we were quite pleased.”--From a corporate client

Corporate services offered by Jane Grogan, MS include:

  • Career Development Workshops - Give employees the opportunity to find their new career path and increase the possibility of retaining a happy, motivated, and enthusiastic employee with your firm. This workshop teaches employees to be their own career developer. The tools, skills, and emotional support are provided to assist them in taking responsibility for their own happiness.
  • Outplacement Services - When the unfortunate happens, Career Match, Inc. is here to offer grief counseling and venting for displaced workers. Subsequently, Career Match, Inc. will provide any services from the following list:

1) Resume Review and Development - focuses on what employers are looking for such as accomplishments, not just duties and responsibilities. Utilizes a summary section which greatly increases the chance of a job seekers resume being read. Performed by a professional and seasoned job seeker who's had great success with resumes. A displaced worker's resume will be word-processed on-the-spot! 

2) Organizing The Job Search - Keeping all the information together can be tiresome, but Career Match, Inc. has a system that has been used successfully by job seekers. Displaced workers can find out how to organize and prioritize effectively.

3) Career Transition Counseling - This service is provided by a career counselor who has personally been through a career transition and made it work. Uses several tools and techniques to help displaced workers understand where they want to work next. Displaced workers discover there is a place for them that is a great fit for their values, temperament, and talents. Services include:

  • Personality Assessment
  • Values Clarification
  • Interest Testing
  • Favorite Skills
  • Passionate Fields

4) Cover Letters - The best written career letter will get the resume read and will likely get a displaced worker an interview as well. The cover letter will explain the job seekers objective in terms that are understandable and positive. 

5) Job Interview Follow Up Letters - This letter may get the seeker the job offer. Let a skilled letter writer teach displaced workers how to compose quality thank you letters after each interview. 

6) Interview Support/Role Play - Discuss the interview strategy and role play the interview with a counselor. 

7) Networking Strategy - Formulate an approach to the job search and learn how to research future employers. 

8) Referrals For Education/Services - When needed appropriate referrals to education, training, and services are given. 

9) Web Counseling - Includes assistance and guidance with Internet career planning, web searches for job openings, and long distance counseling for out-of-area clients.


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